Cosmetic Dentistry

Where Smiles are all about you.

You will be surprised how much a brighter and straighter smile can boost your confidence!

Whether it is a very simple ‘tweak’ or a complete makeover, we have the experience and the technology to make effective improvements that will lift your whole appearance.There are various options and treatments to provide you with a beautiful smile. These depend on the condition of your teeth and on the result you wish to achieve.

Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain that can disguise discoloured or uneven teeth to make your smile look like new. Veneers can also cover gaps between teeth, lengthen and strengthen them. The veneer will be placed over your tooth to give it a white and straight look, enhancing the aesthetics of your smile. It can be placed on one single tooth or on several teeth to provide you with the picture-perfect Hollywood smile.

White fillings, also commonly called as composite fillings, can be built up to exactly the same shape and shade as your own teeth, easily hiding imperfections or areas that have become chipped. Previously, many years ago, tooth decay meant getting dashy silver Amalgam fillings. Now, they are long gone and white fillings or white crowns can also replace unsightly and out-dated amalgam fillings.

Replacing missing teeth by using bridges, dentures and implants can all assist in evening out a gap teeth smile, and giving you a natural but enhanced smile.

None of these procedures needs to be complicated or expensive, but they can make a huge impact on your smile and confidence. So much that you will wish you had considered them years ago! Why wait even longer? Now is the time to do it!

We are looking forward to hearing from you, as we are happy to advise you at your next appointment. Book an appointment today!